Chinese Cuisine Menu ( Park Street )
Crispy Noodle Salad 80.00
Spinach Cheese Roll 85.00
Wotip Babycorn 110.00
Crispy Chilli Babycorn 120.00
Crispy chilli Potato 80.00
American Corn Pepper Salt 125.00
Mushroom Pepper Salt 125.00
Vegetable Fried Wonton 80.00
Vegetable Spring Roll 90.00
Chicken Spring Roll 100.00
Sui Mai Vegetable
(Steamed Opin Water Thin Dumplings)
Sui Mai Chicken
(Steamed Opin Water Thin Dumplings)
Prawn Pepper Salt
(Crispy Fried Prawns Tossed With Special Pepper Salt Mixture and Spring Onion)
Jumbo Prawn Pepper Salt (2 Pcs.) 300.00
Golden Fried Prawns (6 Pcs.) 250.00
Prawn Ka Seong (6 Pcs.)
(King Prawns Sauteed With Shredded Vegetable And Chilli)
Pan Fried Chilli Fish
(Slices of Pan Fried Chilli Fish Tossed With Ginger, Red Chillies and Scallions)
Drums Of Heaven
(Juicy Chicken Winglets Marinated and Batter Fried, Tossed with Shredded Ginger, Scallions and Red Chillies)
Chicken Fried Wonton 120.00
(Crispy Chilli Chicken Sauteed with Green Chillies, Onion in a Spicy Combination)
Green And Red Pepper Chicken 130.00
Sweet Corn Soup Vegetable 60.00
Sweet Corn Soup Chicken 80.00
Hot & Sour Soup Vegetable 60.00
Hot & Sour Soup Chicken 80.00
Four Treasure Vegetarian Soup (Thick)
(An Exotic Combination of corn, Coriander, Mushroom, Flavoured with Chillies)
Lung Fung Soup
(A Thick Chicken Soup Flavoured with Ginger)
Cream Of Green Asparagus & Mushroom Soup 85.00
Arsalan Sour And Pepper Soup Vegetable 60.00
Arsalan Sour And Pepper Soup Chicken 80.00
Tum Yum thong Soup
(A Tangy Oriental Delicacy Flavoured With Lemon Grass and imported Spices)
Tum Yum Thong Soup Vegetable 60.00
Tum Yum Thong Soup Chicken 75.00
Tum Yum Thong Soup Seafood 90.00
Wonton Soup Vegetable 50.00
Wonton Soup Chicken 60.00
Coriander Soup Mixed Vegetable 45.00
Coriander Soup Chicken 55.00
Coriander Soup Seafood 85.00
Prawns With Sauce Of Your Choice (6 Pcs.)
(Samme, Devils, Hot Bean, Chilli Oyster Sauce)
Cantonese Prawn (6 Pcs.)
(Prawns and Vegetables Cooked in a white Sauce Laced With Egg White)
Prawns Hubel
(King Prawns Tossed With Black Beans Pickled Onion in White Garlic Sauce)
Slow Fried Jumbo Prawn With Sauce Of Your Choice
(Chilli Soyal Oyster / Hot Garlic / Hot Bean Sauce With Our Special Sauce)
Fish Chilli
(Slices Of Bhetki Stir Fried and Flavoured With Our Special Sauce)
Fish Mandarin Style
(Deep Fried Bhetki Fillets Topped With A Unique Combination of Vegetables, Soya and Shredded Chicken) (Deep Fried Bhetki Fillets Topped With A Unique Combination of Vegetables, Soya and Shredded Chicken)
Sliced Fish In Coriander Sauce
(Fish Cooked in Unique balance of Fresh Green Coriander)
Lemon Steamed Fish 180.00
Sliced Fish In Black Bean Sauce 180.00
Sliced Chicken Babycorn & Black Mushroom
(A Traditional Delicacy Cooked in Home Style)
Tai Chin Chicken
(Diced Chicken Cooked in Soya Sauce, Flavoured With Dry Red Chillies & Szechwan Pepper Corns)
Soya Ginger Chicken 140.00
Chicken Thai Curry
(Boneless Chicken Stir Fried & Cooked in Oriental Herbs & Spices)
Devil's Chicken
(A Fiery Combination With Red Chilli Paste)
Konjee Crispy Chicken 145.00
Chicken Tausi Sauce 150.00
Tsing Hot Chicken
(Chicken Cooked in a Spicy Sauce With Vegetable)
Singing Chicken
(Chicken Cooked in a Spicy Sweet & Sour Preparation, Served on a Sizzler)
Shredded Chicken Chilli Garlic 130.00
Hunan Chicken
(Sliced Chicken Cooked with Green Pepper, Red Chillies)
Ginger Garlic Chicken
(Sliced Chicken Delicately Cooked & Flavoured With Fresh Garlic & Ginger)
Crispy Chicken In Chilli Honey Sauce
(Shredded Chicken Tossed With Red Chillies, Honey & Malt Vinegar)
Sweet Sour Chicken 150.00
Arsalan Chilli Chicken (Dry / Gravy) 150.00
(Minced Mutton Cooked With Cubs Of Beancurd in Hot Garlic Sauce)
Konjee Crispy Mutton
(Crispy Fried Mutton in Our Chefs Special Sauce With Green Pepper & Carrots)
Shredded Mutton Chilli Garlic
(Shreds Of Mutton Cooked in Rich Garlic Sauce, Flavoured With Red Chillies & Ginger)
Shredded Mutton Hong Kong Style 175.00
Shredded Mutton Hot Bean Sauce 175.00
Vegetable Thai Curry 140.00
Three Treasure Vegetable
(Tender Baby Corn, Green Asparagus & Mushrooms Cooked in a White Garlic Sauce)
Devils Choice
(Capsicum, tomatoes, Onions, Babycorn, Mushrooms, Potatoes in Chilli Sauce)
Tsing Hot Potatoes
(Small Dices of Potatoes Cooked in a Chilli Garlic Sauce)
Vegetables Coins In Sauce Of Your Choice
(Chilli / Soya / Szechwan Hot Garlic / Sweet & Sour Manchurian)
Cauliflower Manchurian 100.00
Babycorn Manchurian 110.00
Babycorn Mushroom Hong Kong Style 110.00
Green Asparagus Ginger Sauce 160.00
Beancuro Home Style
(Fried Beancurd With Vegetables Cooked in Chefs' Special Home Style)
Stir Fried American Corn
(Corn Kernels With Ginger & Spring Onion Flavoured With Sesame Oil)
Sizzling Vegetable With Sauce Of Your Choice
(Coriander / Hot Garliclstir Fried)
Sweet Sour Vegetable Crispy Noodle 110.00
Diced Potato With American Corn
(Hot Garlic Sauce / Chilli Soya Sauce)
Burnt Ginger Capsicum Fried Rice 75.00
Vegetable Fried Rice 75.00
Moon Faan Rice 80.00
Chilli Garlic Fried Rice Vegetable 90.00
Chilli Garlic Fried Rice Non Vegetable 100.00
Non Vegetable Fried Rice
(Chicken / Prawn)
Mixed Meat 100.00
Thai Rice Vegetable 80.00
Thai Rice Non Vegetable 90.00
Pan Fried Noodles Vegetable 80.00
Pan Fried Noodles Chicken 90.00
Pan Fried Noodles Mixed Meat 100.00
Chilli Garlic Noodles Vegetable 80.00
Chilli Garlic Noodles Non Vegetable 100.00
Vegetable Hakka Noodles 80.00
Singapore Rice Noodles Vegetable 90.00
Singapore Rice Noodles Non Vegetable 100.00
Hakka Rice Noodles Vegetable 80.00
Hakka Rice Noodles Non Vegetable 100.00
Non Vegetable Hakka Noodles Chicken / Prawn 90.00
Non Vegetable Hakka Noodles Mixed Meat 100.00
Steamed Rice 50.00
Toffee Walnuts
(Caramelised Toffee Walnuts Served With Vanilla Ice-Cream)
(Crisp, Ribbon Noodles Tossed in Honey Sauce, Topped With Flkd. Almonds)
Date Pancake 90.00
Corn Cake 70.00
Tutti Frutti 95.00
Hot Chocolate Fudge 120.00
Choice Of Ice-Cream
(Vanilla, Strawberry, Chocolate, Pista, butter Scotch)